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Reliable: Nexcare Waterproof Bandages

June 21, 2014

I’m generally good about keeping my wrists and hands safe, but every now and then I go through an unavoidable scrape or cut. Document keep a variety of Band-Aid and Nexcare adhesive bandages at home, in a work environment first aid kit, and in the car. The next few paragraphs styles and sizes I tend to prefer, but for additional compact wounds I greatly prefer Nexcare’s cleanse waterproof iPhone cases bandages.

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Black

What I like about Nexcare’s waterproof iPhone 5 case bandages is that they’re super-thin and easily conform to the many contours available on the hand. You can usually still garments gloves, as these bandages don’t commonly snag.

You would think that some of the “tougher” bandage styles would be better, referring to tend to be large, thick, and less contouring than these Nexcare bandages. A lot of these bandages also tend to endure pass washing pretty well.

The only downside of Nexcare’s clear waterproof bandages is that Document sometimes forget I’m wearing them. Okay, they’re that comfortable and non-distracting to apply. That happened this morning that when I was driving and remembered that I wanted to let my newly scraped pinky finger air out million.

These bandages are also pretty prompt to apply. You unwrap the kompres, apply it to your skin, and then get paper support backing.

You can buy these bandages online, but you’ll typically get hold of better pricing at the local supercenter or pharmacy.

The 50-count oxes comes with 20 of the smallest size and 15 each of the two larger designs.

Nexcare also makes flesh-colored and additionally neon waterproof bandages as well, and when I like using those too, that they are not at all the same as these. These cleanse waterproof bandages almost form a second peel over a wound, while the other waterproof bandages tend to encumber hand and additionally finger flexibility and have much greater traditional presence.


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