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Eye recognition service eye override password

September 24, 2015

Everyday, we use a number of applications and services, therefore password becomes a tangled and painful process. Set the same password for all services can cause a security problem, but set a different password for each site and easy to forget that this is a problem without a solution. At present the major mobile phone manufacturers are also trying to replace passwords in various ways, such as fingerprint and face recognition, and iris recognition technology into our line of sight.

EyeVerify is a flagship eye-recognition technology company, it develops Eyeprint eyes as unique ID helps users be “password”, greatly simplifying the login process.

EyeVerify was founded in 2012, currently has only 20 employees, half of whom work in China. This month EyeVerify got from Samsung Electronics and qihoo 360 ‘s 6 million dollar investment. Up to now, the company received $ 10.4 million investment, valued at $ 40 million. Really iPhone6s is actually your 800 Yuan do you

In short, the validation process includes pictures taken eye and verification of EyeVerify information in two steps; to log in after the user is authenticated Web site. EyeVerify software can be developed through the eye pattern (that is, white texture) identified user; each have four eye prints, each eye has two locations on both sides of the IRIS. EyeVerify smart phone cameras capture the eye pattern in each eye, user horizontally in front of the phone, just staring at the camera, turning to the side eye. After shooting to the whites of the eye area, eye blood vessel distribution in the EyeVerify software will analyze the pictures, and as many as 450 functions for users to set up unique ID data.

EyeVerify eye pattern drawing software for photos and saved on the phone lines on the eye than before. When providing sensitive information when users need to open the application or you can pictures taken eye again, if EyeVerify to confirm the user information with the same information stored in the phone, will allow the user to open the application.

A person’s eye condition is constantly changing, such as allergies, red eye or stay overnight at drunk and so on would be a wild-eyed, but this does not affect the eye pattern with the arrangement of blood vessels in the eye, and thus does not affect the recognition of EyeVerify. In General, people eye pattern of highly stable and will not change for a long time. EyeVerify CEO Toby Rush said similar lines and lines of the eyes, everyone’s tags are different, but the information contained in the eye pattern corresponds to the fingerprint of 4.5 times.

EyeVerify recognition as well as fingerprint or an iris scan is accurate, and, most amazing of all, using this technology does not need to install special equipment, requires only the normal camera or camera phone to complete the eye recognition, can to a large extent, the painful process of simplifying password.

EyeVerify allows users to use mobile devices front-or rear-mounted camera eye pattern, but cameras at least 2 million pixels to achieve the required accuracy.

In short, eye pattern authentication works is like this:

Cell phone users and their eyes keep an appropriate distance (6-12 inches).

User eyeball rotation left or right.

Cell phone vibration after the image capture is complete.

In less than a second of time, image-processing locally on the phone to complete.

EyeVerify provides fee-for-service, users pay only $ 10 a year to enjoy convenient and secure login experience. Many cell phone manufacturers are now working with EyeVerify, add eye-recognition capabilities to its equipment, perhaps future unlocking the device, use the Bank or pay services, and access sensitive information in a series of scenes, we only need to swipe the eye can handle all the steps.


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