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DuSee is a natural extension of AI Baidu launched the AR platform DuSee

August 4, 2016

The Verge, it was reported yesterday, Conference on intelligent marketing solutions in 2016, Baidu, Baidu issued an AR platform developed for smartphones DuSee. It is learnt that the hardware platform takes advantage of existing smart phones to “understand” real-world 3D environment, which causes the phone to generate images with real-world interactions. The products from the company deep learning Institute (IDL) and Baidu search product and marketing teams to develop.

iPad mini Hello Kitty case

AR applications currently on the market, such as Pokemon GO mostly to computer-generated images simply superimposed on the screen in the real world. Baidu said DuSee is to use computer vision and depth of what is learning to understand real-time image, which according to the image content for augmented reality interaction in real time. Baidu deep learning Institute Director Lin Yuanqing also said they will put the next AR combined with speech recognition, and natural language processing technologies.

In the General Assembly, referred to Baidu’s Chief Scientist, Wu Enda:

DuSee Baidu is the natural extension of AI research proceeds. It uses complex computer vision and depth of learning, understanding, and enhance certain scenes. AR better needs to be realized through better AI. iPad mini Hello Kitty case

Given the mobile search Baidu has hundreds of millions of monthly active users, DuSee will integrate with application of Baidu. Meanwhile, DuSee platform can be used in interactive advertising, marketing, education, manufacturing and interior design scene, has been for Mercedes-Benz and l ‘ Oréal to develop marketing solutions based on DuSee and shows a Demo: Hello Kitty iPad Mini Case

Through open DuSee-enabled smartphones, 2D map of Shanghai can be turned into a cartoon-3D images.

A shampoo advertisement appeared on the virtual leaf design, is decorated with filter in the face.

Overall, the DuSee provides users with a new way to interact with traditional media, can achieve simply by Smartphones and software, there’s no need to wear extra AR head. But only from a functional perspective, Baidu DuSee and current applications of augmented reality is not very different, in contrast Google Tango platform uses a more sophisticated camera technology.

Baidu currently has not been announced when the DuSee will be released, but officials said the platform will be integrated to Baidu, the most important application.


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