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In Cell On Cell OGS three screen technology science

August 22, 2016

In-Cell, On-Cell, OGS three-screen technology science

Yesterday article about laminating technology, we also talked about mobile phone screens in the production process requires for the protection of glass, touch screen, display-three part two fitting, if box displays will be undermined, and if fully fit yield is another question. Because of the protective glass, touch screen, display between each pass a joint production process, yield will be greatly reduced, if we can reduce the number of joint, will no doubt improve the fit of the yield rate, there are several directions: led by the original touch-screen manufacturers OGS programme, as well as On Cell, designed by panel makers and In Cell technology solutions.

The display panel makers now more powerful impetus On-Cell or In-Cell programmes, mainly due to the display of its production capacity, which tend to touch is made on the screen and touch module manufacturers or upstream material makers tend to OGS, touch is made on the protection of glass, mainly due to the strong production of process capability and technology.

Common ground between both can reduce the number of fit, so also can save the cost of fitting yield. Because without a touch layer, and thus can achieve savings of material costs, and achieve the purpose of the light, and one Apple iPhone5 is using In-Cell technology.



In-Cell is the method of touch panel functions embedded in LCD pixels, that is embedded inside the display touch sensor function, so that the screen becomes thinner. In-Cell screen while also supporting embedded touch IC, otherwise easily lead to errors of the touch sensor signals or excessive noise. Therefore, any display panel makers, cut to the In-Cell/On-Cell the threshold of the touch-screen technology was actually quite high, still needs to tide over this low yield rate. Now using In-Cell technology in addition to Apple’s iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia920. IPhone5 screen thickness estimation of contribution of 2.54mm,In-Cell thin 0.44mm, roughly the thickness down 1.7mm 25%.

In-Cell, On-Cell, OGS three-screen technology science

IPhone5 touch screen, a layer is less than iPhone4S

Although the Giants said that Apple promoted In-Cell technology, but still limited to high-end smartphones in the coming years, the main problem is the yield, because once a In-Cell loss is not only touch-screen display also will work together with scrap, so manufacturers of In-Cell yields higher.

Michael Kors Case for iPad

On-Cell Michael Kors Case for iPad

On Cell is the touch screen embedded in the display color filter substrate plate between the polarizer and method, namely LCD Panel with touch sensors, than In Cell technology difficult to reduce. Samsung, Hitachi, LG touch screen manufacturers in the On-Cell structures such as rapid progress now On applied Cell Samsung Amoled panel products, technology has not been able to overcome on thin, uneven color, touch problem.

In-Cell, On-Cell, OGS three-screen technology science

Comparison between In-Cell and On-Cell


OGS technologies is the protective glass integrated with touch screen and in the protection of ITO conductive layer on the glass-plated on the inside, directly in the protective coating on the glass and lithography, due to saving a piece of glass and a fitting touch screen can do much thinner and less costly. Domestic mobile phone brand manufacturers, such as Sky Hornet 1, Jin Li Fenghua, millet 2 OGS technologies have been used. Michael Kors Case for iPad

However, OGS are still faced with problems of strength and processing costs. Due to the OGS protection glass and touchscreen are integrated together, usually need to be strengthened, and coating, etching, final cut. In tempered glass cutting is very troublesome, high cost, low yield, and formed the edge of glass capillary crack, these cracks reduce the strength, strength currently become an important factor restricting the development of OGS.

In-Cell, On-Cell, OGS three-screen technology science

 In-Cell are three of the most thin

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