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October 6, 2016

Mobile power supply product variety in the market, how do you stand out? In addition to its capability is strong enough, you also need to design more in detail. This big bean Yodo moved today if the power supply can I do it? And love machine and have a look.


Big Bean Yodo mobile power a total of three colors, white and olive black respectively, Lai Chi Kok Yau bean blue. The test uses a big bean blue.


Big Bean Yodo mobile power pack using kraft paper, only a simple sticker seal on the packaging. The overall design is very simple, is consistent with the author’s preferences. Seal packing big beans and Yodo mobile power-related parameters, such as polymer lithium-ion batteries, 6000mAh, bust, and so on.


Big Bean Yodo mobile power packages also have stickers on the bottom seal, and relevant contact information.


Big Bean Yodo sticker seal of mobile power is strong and cannot be restored after the RIP. In terms of security, big bean Yodo mobile power supply box has been doing well.


Open the big bean Yodo mobile power pack, there is a felt storage bag, accessories, big bean Yodo mobile power very heroic heart.


Specifications are hard to design something, whether it’s good or bad design, and will only look at the cover of goodbye. Big Bean Yodo mobile power supply specifications are very interesting, with cartoon shows and in readability, as well as the details, can finish blasting the market most of the portable power.


Big Bean mobile power and warranty card and Yodo authenticity check, together with a postcard, in terms of detail and doing quite well.


Big Bean Yodo mobile power comes with felt storage bag, storage bag is worth some money, but comes with so few on the market.


Felt storage bag also comes with data cable, data cable spaghetti design.


Big Bean Yodo moved power piano lacquer, bust, index 99*64*18mm, and overall design of the oval seed, makes both feel, texture and Visual are quite comfortable.


Big Bean Yodo mobile power supply outlet and charge port is set in a white area, output current of 1 a.


The other side is the starting, click on the open key on the front with 3 LEDs.


Hello Kitty case

The power led on the front of it.


Big Bean mobile power Yodo in shape, packaging, and are quite good in design, detail design and user experience, love best of mobile power supply section of the evaluation. A mobile power look to win alone is certainly not, the following test big bean Yodo mobile power supply power supply function.


Mobile power supply test:

The big bean Yodo mobile power supply with constant current test method, using a standard output current of 1 a for the test.

After 4 hours of 1A discharge, big bean mobile power end discharge Yodo. Overall curve is smooth, almost no voltage dithering. Discharge 4023mAh, energy output 18.08Wh.


Enlarge the curve you can see jitter in 0.01V, is to force.

Big Bean Yodo mobile power conversion rate is:

Conversion rate is 18.08Wh/(3.7V*6000mAh) =81.44%

Available capacity for 4023mAh/6000mAh=67.05%

From a data perspective, big bean Yodo mobile power data is pretty good, in many mobile power of love ranked first, is recommended.



Make/model: big bean/Yodo Colour Bean 6000 Hello Kitty case

Power source capacity 6000mAh

Reference price: 168 Yuan (Taobao)

Price rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Performance rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Recommended indexes: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (recommended)

Big Bean Yodo mobile power is very single-minded in functionality, this market is extremely competitive, the big bean Yodo mobile power can be said very competitive. Meanwhile, big bean Yodo mobile power supplies in the energy conversion, is also of rather than the top. Also worked in price and value. Hello Kitty iPad Air

Love the big bean Yodo moved power to give recommendations.


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