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Chengdu motor show blockbuster new cars are here

October 15, 2016

On September 2, the Chengdu motor show official opening, as the Western region’s largest auto shows, major exhibiting brands with a variety of heavy product! But in the automobile turns media coverage, manufacturers under various channels you earlier had spent glance? Don’t worry, small comb for you today on Chengdu motor show top 10 new car!

Chengdu motor show blockbuster new cars are here!

Chevrolet kewozi

Power: 1.5L 5MT 6AT price: 7.99-109,900 level: compact cars

Chengdu motor show blockbuster new cars are here!
Chengdu motor show blockbuster new cars are here!

To chatter in two new Cruze after listing, delisting generation Cruze production not only positioned lower classic Cruze also stopped production. In order to fill the vacancies in the market segment, based on classic Chevrolet Cruze platform to build this new car. Its body, in fact, nothing too big highlight: dynamic barely enough modeling standard, but its price is only 7.99-109,900. One low price, large space, cling to the doctrine of joint venture compact car, it may be able to rear future Chevrolet brand’s best selling models.

Peugeot 308

Power: 1.6L/1.2T/1.6T 5MT 6AT price: 10.80-16 million (in advance) level: compact cars

Chengdu motor show blockbuster new cars are here!
Chengdu motor show blockbuster new cars are here!

Lao had two dollars on debut at the Beijing auto show next-generation 308, at Chengdu motor show to announce a pre-sale price: 10.8-160,000 yuan, some people think the price is too expensive, it was considered reasonable, anyway, is that no one thinks it is very affordable. Finally such a competitive product, price is not satisfactory. Method of powder do not be sad, I say the word: Law Department promotions! Law Department promotions! Law Department promotions!!!

Peugeot 4008

Power: 1.6T 1.8T 6MT 6AT price: ungraded class: compact SUV

Chengdu motor show blockbuster new cars are here!
Chengdu motor show blockbuster new cars are here!

Chatter a couple bucks fans hearts in our law system 3008lai! But its name is not in the domestic 3008, after a lengthened wheelbase, named it Dongfeng Peugeot 4008. The appearance of young, radical and beautiful, while interiors · · · Hot mess! French to the East wind, and a good brand, now it’s East wind will carry forward the tradition, broke the good cards ~

Volvo S90

Power: 2.0T 8AT price: 56.98-712,800 level: medium-large cars

Chatter a couple bucks loomed in the flagship sedan Volvo S90 in Chengdu motor show officially listed, but two T6 twin-turbocharged four-drive imports, price as 569,800 712,800! Customers really want to buy this car, or domestic long-axis models such as listed and then get the torment.

Modern acceptance

Power: 1.4L 1.6L 6MT price: ungraded class: small car

To chatter in two new small cars of the modern accepted officially released, it looks better restore the concept car design. Big mouth and led by the hexagon design, body jianlengjianjiao, compared to the runner and now seems to be more valuable. Runner sales falling now, acceptable listing is very urgent.

I3 update

Power: electric price: 42.28 522,800 level: small car

Chatter two dollars as BMW’s electric works, small quiet spot of i3 for white-collar workers to work in big cities, is also very attractive. Only limited range makes its usefulness is not high enough. Upgrade mileage i3 pure electric version up to 200KM, while the extended-range version up to 330KM, practicality has not improved.

Honda Red

Power: 1.5L 5MT CVT price: ungraded class: small car

Chatter two dollars of Honda fit platform to build numerous models, these models are mostly sales are pretty good, except gerui. As a replica of the front fan model, gerui listing, sales are horrible. The hatchback version of the gerui models, don’t want to face by sales, or enhance your configuration!

Na zhijierui 3 It s all right here August upcoming joint venture

Power: 1.6L 5MT CVT price: 5.98-96,800 level: compact cars

Chatter two dollars Taiwan brand na Zhi-Jie after entering the city, selling, basically haven’t had positive growth in sales, they brought a new car now, “top 3” as long as the price of 5.98-96,800, quite eye-catching. But I do not recommend you to buy it, Geithner zhijie accumulation than a lot of brands in the technology, sharp 3 the comprehensive strength of the car also significantly worse than a lot of own-brand compact cars, in particular, its selling point, a huge screen, I can only say that–Low explode!

Volkswagen Tiguan SilkRoad version

Power: 1.4T 7DSG price: ungraded class: compact SUV

Chatter two dollars from the initial fare cart, and to save tens of thousands of today, the Tiguan has come to the end of life. Volkswagen Tiguan was launched version of the Silk Road at this point, replacement 1.4T engine, should further lower Tiguan prices. Of course, this is a win-win model, while masses of pink flowers for less money away his dream of the Tiguan, on the one hand the public with the old models to make more money ~ well ~ you just happy.

Zotye X7

Power: 1.5T 1.8T 5MT price: ungraded class: midsize SUV

Chatter two bucks to be honest X7 this car we’ve been no stranger, this car from the birth date, it has been at the forefront of public opinion. Different people have different opinions about it, I just want to say, can you have mass production concept car production ahead of schedule, it was only the Thai! X7 for refreshing my knowledge of the cottage.


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