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December 18, 2016

Camera factory new Lumia 735 review

Windows Phone this system used for low-end machines is quite right, since their audience is more focused on basic functions of the phone, for low hardware requirements to further reduce mobile phone prices and Lumia 735 camera factory in this one based on the latest work.

Camera factory new Lumia 735 review

In naming is not difficult to see that Lumia Lumia 730 and 735 are two of the machines with a derivative, their debut means Lumia 720 officially completed the mission to make a graceful exit, and 735 difference and 730 735 support LTE and 730 dual SIM models, in addition to differences in other specifications No.

Camera factory new Lumia 735 review

Main specifications: VR Shinecon virtual reality glasses

Camera factory new Lumia 735 review

4.7-inch 720p ClearBlack AMOLED display;

Windows Phone 8.1 OS, Lumia Denim;

Snapdragon-400 (quad-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 processors, Adreno 305 GPU), 1GB RAM;

6.7 million pixel CMOS 1/3.4 inches, 1080p video, pre-24 mm wide-angle 5 million pixels;

8GB internal storage, support 128GB development;

LTE Cat.4 (735 support only), Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, the NFC;

Active noise reduction function;

2200 mAh removable battery, Wireless charging.


Nokia N9 since design seems to be fired after all the designers, and bought a copy machine and found a few students use PS to design its phone, as for the shell material, can always use plastic on the back has not been called, is Nokia’s family (Samsung: I heart … … )。

Camera factory new Lumia 735 review

Closer to home, 735 of the body work is very solid, conservative design of the fuselage, of course, not outstanding, but can cater to most user’s aesthetic, as well as a medium-end cell phones, 735-without any sense of cheap, that we give Nokia some praise, so that users don’t think 735 130 grams in his pocket was a burden.

Camera factory new Lumia 735 review

Is an arc-shaped design of the side of the fuselage, which makes 735 grip is excellent, the bottom and the top is plane design.

Camera factory new Lumia 735 review

735 of the entire plastic housing can be replaced, take the plastic off then replace the SIM card and battery and SD card, you can even buy shells of different colors, to match the clothes.

Camera factory new Lumia 735 review

In 735, Windows Phone 8.1 uses a virtual button on the screen, but the virtual buttons, just like on Android 4.0, occupy one black on the screen, I hope I can have a immersion or something. VR Shinecon headset

Camera factory new Lumia 735 review

On the front is 5 million pixels at the top of the front-facing camera, and vanishing Nokia logo, snow powder not to cry.

Camera factory new Lumia 735 review

Is the power button and the volume button on the right side of the fuselage, and left with nothing.

Smooth the top and bottom of the headphone jack and USB interface.

Back design style is very simple, standard three-set: camera, LED, speaker, camera is slightly convex.

In appearance design and materials work Shang, 735 keep has Nokia has always of high, does 735 not a Taiwan high-end phone, but thanks Yu excellent of feel and work, 735 absolute not cheap, and as Lumia products line among most thin of machine one of, 735 right of fuselage weight in portable of while both has feel, and only insufficient of is fuselage of screen accounted for than partial low has points.

The screen:

735 of the screen resolution is only 720p, and arranged in a diamond-shaped Zi pixels means 735 on the screen in the same PPI doomed as ordinary LCD screen is exquisite, but Nokia is 735 generously equipped with their Hyatt screen technology, and this screen there are gloves mode was a conscience.

And the screen color, 735 also has a built-in color temperature and saturation adjustment function, for midrange machine this function is also very kind.

Thanks to characteristics of the AMOLED screen, Nokia is 735 joined Nokia Glance features, can extinguish the screen lit part of the pixels of the screen shows the time and after notification, users can also select card screen appears after some time or always displays or does not display, the color used to display the time or freedom of choice.

Screen brightness, Lumia 735 maximum screen brightness for 363 nits, is normal for the AMOLED screen, viewing angle and contrast, 735 is excellent.

In the Sun, thanks to Nokia’s Hyatt screen technology and high contrast in AMOLED, 735 in mobile phone topped the same class, can even challenge and more expensive flagship phones, is worthy of praise.

Battery life:

735 with a 2200 mAh battery, 17 hours and 30 minutes to 3G talk or 8 hours and 20 minutes of browsing or 10 hours and 20 minutes of video playback, comprehensive range of achievement of 59 hours, which means that in the case of moderate intensity, 735 battery can keep two days of battery life.


735 of the system is the latest Windows Phone 8.1, and 735 was one of the first carrying Lumia Denim updates Lumia-phone, the update mainly involves raising the Lumia experience when using the camera app, and add some new features.

8.1 system able to set wallpaper, transparent boxes greatly improves the aesthetics of interface, but unfortunately not all boxes support transparency effects.

After the update, Home to create folders, moving.

8.1 there is similar to the Android notification Center design, drop down the status bar you can open and view alerts or use the switch to open the Bluetooth thing is no problem. Notice on the WP official called the Action Center, which switch is the ability to edit, but this experience has yet to be raised, such as set by the Wi-Fi button to access Wi-Fi, and double click the Bluetooth button does not.


735 built-in is one has Snapdragon 400 older SoC, quad-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 and Adreno 305 GPU for mid-tier mobile phones have become commonplace, but with many of its rivals have chosen the Snapdragon 410 processor, 400 had appeared to be inadequate.

Overall, 735 at the same level of performance products is very general, running grades or how, but Windows Phone phone no matter how run, the system is always very smooth, for the vast majority of users to buy this phone, 735 is nothing to complain about.


6.7 million pixel sensor and Zeiss certified lens, sounds good, but when taking photos does not use all the pixels on the sensor, 16:9 pictures of only 5.3 million pixel, 4:3 photo resolution mode only 6.1 million pixels.

Lumia camera APP interface we are familiar with, and offers white balance, focus, ISO, shutter speed, and other options.

But in proofs aspects, 735 performance on General has, noise points partial more, but OK for picture details of retained good, tolerance aspects performance General like, white balance also slightly has run partial, in we of shooting among, eventually white balance compared accurate of proofs only accounted for total of one-third around, but 735 of photo also not full is slot points, in white balance accurate of when, 735 of proofs color performance very good, saturated degrees moderate, shade has caused.

735 shoot panoramic photos, frame is not particularly large, but color performance is also good.

In terms of other camera, 735 to download the APP to expand camera, panoramic photo features are also absent, anyway.

In terms of video recording, 735 record are in General, white balance deviation and lack of dynamic range, but thankfully the video details well, and 735 video recording can also choose to filter out low frequency noise, when choosing a Strong, even in a concert or club environment recordings nice background sound.

Musical performance:

735 audio playback performance was good, a variety of measures are commendable, plug in headphones frequency response curve after deterioration of advantages, but overall performance at the same level of mobile phone is very good.


Relative Yu Qian generation has 720,735 (730) in all aspects of upgrade are is let people satisfaction of, like LTE network, and 5 million pixel Qian reset camera, and AMOLED screen and 1080p video, these are is masses loved of, and 735 also continued has Lumia family excellent of work level, feel very excellent, despite gave up has integration fuselage design, but for most for, user can itself replaced of shell and battery instead more practical.

In addition, 735 of the AMOLED screen is impressive, bright vivid color, outstanding contrast and viewing angles, resolution in the mainstream midrange phones, 4.7-inch large screen and found a good balance between the one-hand operation.


VR Shinecon headset

Excellent workmanship, feel good, although shell harder to split but it makes 735 overall feels very sturdy durable;

Screen brightness, good contrast and visibility is excellent and the Sun;

Battery power;

Support for LTE (735), NFC and FM radio;

Good sound quality;

With Wireless charging function;

High-megapixel front-facing camera, recording the video in detail worth noting;

Systems running smoothly.


Small speakers sound;

Picture white balance easy to run on, and noise on the high side;

Snapdragon 400 processors get old;

Back cover is difficult to remove.

Via GSMArena


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