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Car onion rings the dream car not far from you

January 7, 2017

There is a brand, it’s extraordinarily long ~

Bavarian engine plant joint-stock company

This is the

Car onion rings: the dream car not far from you

Today not to discuss the name, but to say that BMW’s big move at the Guangzhou auto show.

New BMW 1-series sport sedan

The world’s first

Car onion rings: the dream car not far from you

This is officially known as the BMW 1-series sport sedan, is the new 1-series sedan version, specifically for the Chinese market to build, is expected to cost about 200,000 yuan. Onions do show concern before survey, this car is so popular.

Onion attention

Car onion rings: the dream car not far from you

Luxury brands in recent years has seemed to become more and more close to the people, imagine the price you can buy a Hall on stage to night clubs, the little girl sat crying on the inside of BMW … Think is moving bricks are more motivated?


Car onion rings: the dream car not far from you

In fact, from the appearance of the car is not difficult to see, 1 new BMW1 series sports car with cash the biggest difference is that it turns into a sedan …

Well, said: the appearance of the new 1-series Sport Sedan is a Compact Sedan released in 2015, Guangzhou auto show concept car design, technology development and little hatchback 1 series segment, so 1 time production concept car was fast enough ~

Car onion rings: the dream car not far from you

New BMW1 series sedan BMW than other hood and trunk lid is higher, it makes it look more plump, huge wheels also brought the appearance of one large fluctuation;

Car onion rings: the dream car not far from you

Identification of the locomotive still used BMW double kidney grille, but the headlamps of the new 1-series is not as other cars attached to the grille, this design will be the BMW logo design of compact models.

1 face design

Car onion rings: the dream car not far from you

3 front design

Car onion rings: the dream car not far from you

In addition, the 1-series headlamp “Angel eye” using hexagonal style.

Car onion rings: the dream car not far from you

At the rear, feeling very strong, and vehicle registration plates to the trunk lid to the rear bumper, step by step, the exhaust was also designed on both sides of a double.

Car onion rings: the dream car not far from you

Overall, the decorative details and contours on the plump, onions find this car does look pretty cool ~

Interiors are still driving Center

From could be seen on the figure, accused of being biased towards the driver’s side in the whole “twisted”, this design is usually applied in a driver-centric models.

Manufacturers said the sports steering wheel is standard. This also explains, they get the movement style of this line.

Meanwhile, the car will also come standard with the interconnection of BMW Connected drive. Application in the system can achieve recommended destinations, reminders, appointments, recommended gift shops, real time reporting from time and other functions.

Using the new platform

It should be said that, 1 sports sedan by UKL platform development, new platform from the cash of 1 longitudinal engine layout to horizontal.

Because the cylinder horizontally arranged, so the engine compartment volume, interior space will be larger, and with no driving the rear wheels with the drive shaft, the floor will also be relatively flat in the car.

Green onions (180cm, did not give the average height pull the hind legs) measured, moved to the appropriate location in the front row, rear leg more than a punch of space seems to go beyond the short wheelbase 3 series of space.

Onions felt that the new layout engine, coupled with its wheelbase 2670mm and 4456*1803*1446mm body size, should make the most of space caused by small partner satisfaction.

Incorporates power-train

BMW brand new 1-series 3 power optional, correspond respectively to the 118I, 120i and 125i.

Specific parameters table

1.5T and 2.0T respectively, match, 8-speed automatic and 6-speed gearbox

118I models using model B38A15C 1.5T, the three-cylinder engine has been used in the current BMW X1 BMW 2 touring body. If nothing else, 118I will become models, the 120i and 125i are persons with certain requirements of the performance choice. Detailed explanation Vehicle inspection and offsite

Of course this car what is onion tried to say ~

Within reach of small targets

Compared to Europeans who prefer hatchback cars, Chinese consumers are the favored sedan more. BMW launched specifically for people that new BMW 1-series sport sedan, it has more space and new engines with better fuel economy.

The 1 series to the Onion’s feeling a bit like a 2002 Polaris. Once upon a time, young onion firm a belief: the car seems to be a reflection of his attitude to life, sports cars and sport utility vehicles is the pursuit of onion brother I always existed.

And for many young people, driver-centric, superior brand models, must be pursued.

When Polaris, a cash-strapped onion a dream car. Scallion believes that if the price of the 1-series is tempting enough, will also be a Dream car lots of friends at your fingertips.

Cars fear being cheated? Car questions? you get older drivers to be here! Just concerned about the onion app public: “car onion rings.”


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